Realtek conference is the convergence of leaders, investors, founders and innovative entrepreneurs who have the potential to guide in the next generation of innovations and ideas in the real estate and construction.

Who attends?

Construction companies, Contractors, Architects, Designers, Material providers, Property managers, Real estate agents, Policy makers, Civil engineers, Investors, Service providers, Property developers and builders, Entrepreneurs

Why to attend ?

REALTEK brings a lot of opportunities for individuals and brand aspiring to make it big in the field of real estate and construction. Our presentations and panel discussions are an excellent combination of business and interaction, you can expect to gain strategic knowledge and develop your network of contacts significantly. Attending the conference will give attendees a face-to-face experience with content, networking with industry leaders and other related businesses to establish a wider professional network and build brand recognition among prospects. Get the latest updates on most active and forthcoming real estate developments in the Middle East and identify the latest real estate development opportunities.

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Our Speakers

RealTek 2023 Dubai Speaker

Hamza Betraoui

Managing Director
Land Sterling

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RealTek 2023 Dubai Speaker

Waqar Hasan

Ithihad Community Management

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RealTek 2023 Dubai Speaker

Asma Abdullah Jlassi

Relationship Manager
Ellington Properties

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RealTek 2023 Dubai Speaker

Dr. Nour ElDeen ElSerougy

The Eagle Of RealEstate
CEO HRE Properties

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